Welcome to Heat-Net

HEAT-Net (Harvard European Alumni Training Network) is composed of a unique constellation of Harvard-trained European clinicians and researchers with solid track records in the field of neurodegeneration. The HEAT-Net members were trained in the laboratories of four renowned neuroscience laboratories at Harvard Medical School (HMS), headed by Profs Brad Hyman, Rudy Tanzi, Xandra Breakefield and Brian Bacskai. After returning to Europe, the HEAT-Net members felt the need to implement a network that enabled them to maintain the same high-level of academic research, contributing for the training of new generations of scientists, and maintaining strong connections to their mentors at HMS.

Due to the extraordinary circumstances with COVID 19, we have decided to cancel the upcoming meeting in Göttingen on June 3-5 (“HEAT-NET Frontiers in Neurodegeneration: from bench to bedside”). We instead intend to hold this venue at the same site in June 2021, but will have to follow the developments before we can set any preliminary dates. We appreciate your continued interest in our conference and you will soon hear from us again.